I have always been fascinated by the use of technology in all walks of life. You can see extensive use of technology in the making of a simple sewing needle to the most advanced space shuttles. My fascination for technology makes me end up getting news of latest gadgets and gizmos. So I’ll try to get all my readers always up-to-date about latest technologies.

Programming is my passion, hobby and my life. My first encounter with the second1 love of my life happened a few years back when I first met WordPress. Since then I have never looked at any other cms and blogging platform. I have only worked with WordPress.

I am Asif Chowdhury Aumi, known to my friends as “The Web Guy”. I am a self-proclaimed “Programmer” and a technology enthusiast. AI blogs is all about my finding, point of views of the current & upcoming technologies and my work which is always related to WordPress. I always appreciate suggestion and comments.

Mail me directly: asif@aiblogs.com



  1. “Second” because my wife would kill me if I would call her the second love of my life.