Directory Usage statistics in Windows

Bought a new hard drive, after just a few weeks you end-up with little or no space on the new drive. Ever wondered how you have such low space in some of your hard drives? I have felt that too!! Windows does provide full information about the files and directories you have in a drive, but there is no visual representation of your expensive real-estate (AKA: disk space) usage. Visual representation is very useful, it helps you to see which files are largest. Sometimes you will found out that you don’t even use those large files may be it’s a web server backup or 100GB which you downloaded and you don’t even have any use for that.

Here comes WinDirStat to the rescue! Oh, yea it works on Windows 10 too!! It’s a full-on disk usage statistics viewer and it also comes with cleanup tool too. Oh, and did I tell you that it’s free!! WinDirStat Directory Usage View AIBlogs.comI know right? You must be wondering what the catch here. Nothing. I mean it. It is free. I have personally tested it in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and I am using it in Windows 10. And I did not find any issue in any of them. Just don’t delete any system files from your C: drive. While testing on a win8 VirtualBox, I did it too and it was fun to see things going to shit. I wasn’t able to recover that installation but it was fun. Though it was fun, don’t do it. 

Go download it today. I bet you will definitely find some large files which you don’t need. Go on free some space. You deserve it.

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