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WordPress Just Updated to version 4.6

WordPress Just Updated to version 4.6

Hello world! I was sick for a long time and it feels good to be back. WordPress just got updated to version 4.6 codenamed PEPPER. The name PEPPER comes from jazz legend Park Frederick Adams III …
Disabling theme and plugin editor in WordPress

Disable WordPress theme and plugin editor

Yeah, you can disable theme and plugin editor. Sometimes special ability is one of those luxury you wished you didn’t had. One of those special ability is having the power to edit plugins and or …
WordPress update and introduction to wp_add_inline_script()

WordPress Updated today!!

Oh yea!! WordPress has just updated today to version 4.5 code name “COLEMAN”.  Apart from the editing (TinyMec/WYSIWYG editor) and customization (ability to view your site from perspective of desktop, tablet or phone’s browser) changes. …